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Website Design and Maintenance

A professional and custom business web site design and development company RK Software, Inc . located in New York, creates websites that work. At RKSI New York, we use the latest web technology, tools, and follow the latest web design and development standards.

RKSI, a New York Web Design Company, is specialist transforming table based web site to liquid CSS based layout, a 100% tableless web design. Redesigning your web site using css based tableless design makes your website very search engine friendly and up-to 80% faster. We follow most web design standards, and guarantee Error free website delivery.

At RKSI in New York, the professional business web site design and development process follows a solid understanding of the target audience, and design activities like requirement gathering, system architecture design and technical requirements including database development and platform concerns. Our professional web developers apply skills and experience and collaborate with our clients to create a truly unique and representative web experience.

Flash Design

Adobe flash is the latest most acceptable technology designing high impact, and animation rich websites to attract visitors. Flash is commonly used to design website introductions, corporate presentations and interactive banners. RK Software professional designers are experienced developing flash web sites and solutions which are eye catching, and highly interactive with multimedia elements. We integrate sound, video, and animation that loads quickly, and put astounding effects to your online presentations.

RKSI Custom flash web site design portfolio populated with professional like photographer, musician, and actors websites. Our experience also includes full flash design for online magazine. Our Expertise on Flash is the following:

  • Full Flash Web Design
  • Flash Introduction Development
  • Flash Animation Design
  • Flash Banner Design
  • Corporate Presentation Design
  • Complete Flash Web site Design
  • Custom Full Flash Web Design
  • Database Driven Flash Solution
  • Web Video Presentation
  • Sound Integration
  • Product Presentation
  • Online Magazine using Flash
  • Flash Web Templates Customization
  • Flash Streaming Video.


RKSI graphics designers are specialized in designing unique logos that represent your company identity. Our logos are professional, sophisticated and clearly deliver your message to your target audiences.

RK software provides banner designing in various sizes, file formats and styles based on your requirement. We assess your campaign objective before designing banners to meet the objective. You can check pre designed banner and customize according to your requirement and objective.

Our graphics team uses prominent graphics software product from adobe and macromedia for banner and logo design.

Makes Your Web Site Appear on the Top Search Engines

Natural Search Engine Optimization or Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)makes your web site appear on the top search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and MSN when searched by keywords or relevant words to your products and services. Results are based on algorithms or rules that a search engine uses to rank the listings. For example, Yahoo! may rank the listings based on different words or keywords from those used by Google or MSN.

Search Engine Optimization Process involves in the act of altering text, title, Meta Tags, text links, and others in a website combined with other elements such as links from other websites. These elements must comply with the Search Engine’s algorithm.

The bright side of Natural Search Engine Optimization is that you do not have to pay the Search Engine when the user clicks on the link and visit your site. It is proven that high search engine ranking of your site brings more visitor and customers. However, it requires high skills and a lot of experience to learn about Natural Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If your website is new, it takes more than 6 months for your website to climb up to the top of Google listings. Besides, Search Engine provider changes their algorithms frequently – so you have to chase after it all the time.

RKSI’s strong Serach Engine Optimization Team offers the service that guarantees your website will appear on the top 20 in 3 major Search Engines with the total percentage of users reaching almost 100%.