Health Services

Medical Capability

RK has had a history of providing sophisticated solutions to multiple industries of which Healthcare is only one. To give you a brief outline of some of the systems/custom applications RK can develop for the Healthcare Industry, we have started with the EMR program. RK designed an EMR program and to date has implemented most of the modules. Our clients each had different requirements immediately leading to a complete solution which was anticipated to be deployed no later than the end of this year.

Its primary features are the integration and consolidation of data bases using advanced data modeling. This permitted RK to also implement segments of the EMR program as needed. RK had also already developed a complete Bill Presentation and ACH solution that is being used by several banks, Healthcare Institutions, and others. The following will give you an overview of our core competencies.

Electronic Medical Records

The heart of any Hospital Information System, the EMR is the central repository for all medical related documentation, combining each patient’s medical history into a single medical record. RK has developed sophisticated data modeling and data base integration and synchronization (see below). Based on this integration and synchronization, any terminal (secured in excess of HIPAA requirements) in the system may use the EMR system to provide the necessary tools for physicians to complete all procedures and administrative tasks associated with a patient visit. With a few mouse clicks doctors can instantly and simultaneously view medical examinations, diagnoses, treatment histories, test results, and medication histories in configurations of their own choice.

The EMR also has comprehensive medical reporting tools and online ordering facilities for ordering prescriptions, investigative tests and radiological studies. Test results are delivered electronically, eliminating lengthy waits associated with manual delivery systems. Clinical decision support throughout the medication order process ensures automatic drug-to-drug interaction checking against every rescription. In the remainder of this letter some details of the work/features RK has done individually or with Alliance Partners to meets its clients needs.

ERM Basic Features

Online Ordering Online ordering of all clinical investigations from the point of care allows doctors to quickly and efficiently order tests.
Online results notification Automatic results notifications alert doctors to completed test results to ensure faster results delivery times and better patient care.
Critical result alert Panic indicators alert doctors immediately when test results require immediate action.
CPOE Computer Physician Order Entry for pharmacy orders provides physicians with access to comprehensive drug information and assists them in making the best decision when ordering medication online.
Template driven reports Report templates can be easily set up for public or private use, eliminating errors associated with handwritten documents.
Document scanning and viewing Bar code technology allows printed forms to be scanned and automatically attached to the patient’s record and viewed from any terminal in the hospital.
Medical coding Option to make medical coding of diagnoses a mandatory part of the documentation process, which ensures more efficient claims management.
Graphically-represented flow sheets Graphic flow sheets for care services can be generated, educating patients and engaging them more actively in their care.
Medical record security tracking Full audit-trails record all users who have accessed, updated, or viewed a patient record with date/time stamps and the location.
Multiple concurrent records access Simultaneous medical record access to patient records by multiple clinical users in different locations
Voice recorded reporting and online transcription requests Enables physicians to dictate a report verbally and send an immediate online request to administrative staff for transcription.
Views customizable by physician Physicians can create customized filters and layouts to suit their own medical record viewing requirements.
Progressive care documentation Patient problem profiles can be documented and updated for each visit, providing physicians with a summary overview of each patient’s medical history.

Imaging Integration into EMR
Imaging Integration into EMR

Image output into EMR
Image output into EMR

Image output into EMR
Image output into EMR

Appointment Module

RKSI Appointment Module is an integral component of its approach to efficient hospital and medical practice management. The module receives patient demographic information from the Registration system and is seamlessly launched from the Clinic, Ward, Laboratory, Radiology and other clinical systems. The incorporation of appointment-booking functionality allows authorized users to easily make appointments without the need for additional logons, as well as to launch additional applications. Data integrity is maintained, and the need for duplicate data entry is eliminated.

The Appointments system is resource-based. Appointments can be made for hospital personnel (doctors, other medical staff), equipment (CT scanner, Cardiology Stress Test machine), or rooms, (Clinic A, Physiotherapy treatment room.)

Appointment Module Features

Single database design The integrated database that is available for all hospital applications provides seamless integration between all modules.
Real-time Appointment and resource update availability The integrated database design ensures that patient appointment bookings, cancellations, re-schedules, changes to default resource schedules etc. are updated and available for inquiry by users in real time.
Online patient appointment history The patient’s complete appointment history is available online to authorized users. Appointment data is never purged.
Internet Appointment Request Integration with web appointments page allows patients to search for appointments with doctors by name, specialty, language and work schedule as they are defined in the hospital database. Appointment confirmations can be made by direct telephone or email.
Flexible, intuitive, appointment-booking conversation The flexible appointment-booking conversation allows a user to schedule multiple appointments, for multiple resources, for a patient in the same conversation, including multiple follow-up appointments.
Outstanding Appointment Reminder Automatic prompts to inform registration users of all current and future appointments that a patient has at the time they register for an out patient visit.
Real-time appointment request Online appointment functionality allows real-time creation, updating and, confirmation of all patient appointments for any hospital terminal.
Request/allocate doctor Load-balancing via the automatic assignment of patients to the next appropriate doctor according to work queue length. Where a specific doctor is requested, patient is automatically added to the work queue of that physician. Automatic warnings alert users in the event that the requested appointment is outside doctors scheduled hours.
Real-time resource schedule update All resources (doctors, rooms or equipment) have a centrally-maintained default schedule, and changes made to this default schedule due to illness or other absence are reflected in real-time across the system.
Free slot search Optimized appointment vacancy searching by resource automatically suggests the next free slot in a given resource’s schedule.
Automated appointment rescheduling Appointments can automatically be rescheduled to the same resource, a different resource from the same resource group, or a different resource from another resource group. A phone list is generated to allow the user to inform the patients affected.
Multiple appointment resource views User configurable views allow users to view all appointments for a specific resource for a specific day, all resources for a specific resource group for a specific day, or all appointments for a specific patient.

RK has integrated the Transcription function into its ERM system

RK has integrated the Transcription function into its ERM system. If requested, the Transcription function can be delivered as a stand-alone module. RK has past experience and expertise in Database Modeling, including the application of the most advanced hardware now being used for data capture by Physicians.

The type of program that we have implemented (stand-alone or integrated into EMR):

1. Medical Transcriptions Model
RK can capture data from almost any device in written or recorded form. The transcriber would either enter the data or correct recorded information from an EMR program.

Medical Transcriptions Model
Medical Transcriptions Model

2. Database Management
RKSI data modeling experience is sophisticated enough to permit it to develop systems which can integrate and synchronize the databases found in healthcare environments, as demonstrated below:

Database Integration and Synchronization Model
Database Integration and Synchronization Model

3. Tracking Software
RKSI developed software that integrates both IR and RFID technologies in order to track patients. This technology is applicable to hospitals, skilled nursing homes, psychiatric facilities, or other applications as required. The program also integrated bar coding and RFID for asset locations and asset inventory control. Figure 8 indicates the hardware implementation that was recommended for monitoring by RK software, Inc.

Typical Tracking Implementation Model
Typical Tracking Implementation Model

4. Bill Presentment Automated Clearing House Transaction Handling
RK has developed sophisticated automated Bill Presentment, Bill Payment, and an Automated Payment collection system for the Healthcare Industry. It’s flexible and allows the system to be implemented over the Internet, intranet, network, or nearly any other system a client might require. Reporting is just as flexible for the client to stay current on the status of its business and cash positions.

By integrating the Bill Presentation, Payment, and Collection Programs into its EMR program means that there are cross-checks for accuracy and thoroughness. This can, by itself, increase revenues and cash flow. Any questions that patients, physicians, hospital administration, or any approved user will have can be answered promptly, accurately, and efficiently.

Figure below gives an example of the forms required to initiate the Medicare reimbursement procedure.

Typical Claim/Encounter Submission Example for Medicare
Typical Claim/Encounter Submission Example for Medicare