e-Learning Solutions

New Media & eLearning Services

1. Our Service Offerings

  • Content
    – Custom content development for E-learning (CBT / WBT)
  • Technology
    – LMS technology development and integration IP Protection of Contents
  • Services
    – Maintenance of LMS / CBT
  • Custom Learning Content Development
    – Rich media based
    – Both instructor & self-learning mode
    – Custom content repurposed from existing materials
    – Efficacious use of interactive media
    – Quick turnaround time

Comprehensive LMS from RK Software

  • Integrated solution for Enterprise wide Learning applications
  • Launches, tracks and reports the learning that results from both online and classroom learning
  • LMS is essential for evaluating the effectiveness of the learning
  • LMS to have following components
    – Online Assessment and Evaluation Solution
    – Online Synchronous Learning Solution
    – Offline Facilitator-Led Training Solution

LMS Advantages

  • Leverage the full advantages of the composite (offline & online) approach to technology assisted learning
  • To consist of a set of products and services designed to deliver value to our clients
  • While the entire solution can be integrated, parts or components of it can also be implemented as per the needs of the situation

IP Protection

  • Protection of Learning Contents from Unauthorized access and usage
    – Solutions for physical Media protection
    – Solutions for individual Content protection

Multiple Delivery Medium

  • Removable storage media (CD,DVD ROMs)
  • Desktop Executable
  • Manuals
  • Internet & Intranet

2. Our Processes

  • Pre Analysis
    Based on a brief understanding a solution is showcased to client and proposal submitted based on further understanding of scope
  • Analysis
    A detailed analysis of the project based on learner profiles, learning objectives and details of the content
  • Prototype
    Identification of scope, construction and client showcase
  • Design
    Design is finalized including instructional design, visual design and technology platform
  • Development
    This includes content collection, reviews at various levels, scripting, media generation and integration
  • Testing
    The content goes through repeated reviews and subsequent fixes at various levels
  • Delivery
    Final implementation and deployment of content in live environment


  • In actual situations, these phases may overlap with each other
  • Given project peculiarities, phases may interchange positions
  • Client processes take precedence and will be incorporated into the overall process if requested by the client

3. Our Capabilities

  • A team of new media experts 40 person years of learning content experience
  • Experience across various domains and learner groups
  • Proven delivery record

Team Profile

  • Practice Head
  • Interactive Media Specialist
  • Content Specialist
  • UI Design Specialist
  • Animation Designer
  • Rich Media Designer
  • Interactive Media Integrator
  • 2D Animators
  • 3D Modelers & Animators

4. Tools and Technologies

  • Tools
    – Macromedia tools including Flash, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Director, Breeze, Authorware
    – Adobe tools including Captivate, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Fx etc.
    – Sound Editing tools Sound Forge, Cool Edit
  • Technologies
    – Microsoft .NET
    – JavaScript
    – ActionScript
    – XHTML & CSS
    – XML