EFT Processing

  • FedACH Interface
  • Investigation Processing Interface
  • Tracking of Transactions
  • Automatic Bounce Notification system.
  • OFAC/SDN Automated Scanning
  • Automated AML checks to mitigate risks
  • Extensive Customer Credit & Total Payment Risk Control
  • Extensive list of management/control reports.

Integrated Solution for Electronic Funds transfer (ACH)

Our enhanced Integrated Electronic Funds transfer solution is designed to connect users by utilizing a secured web browser which supports 128 bit encryption. Our solutions are platform-independent and can run on both Sun and Microsoft platforms. The browser technology simplifies the integration of our solution so that a bank branch network can permit remote inquiry capabilities in order to enhance the customer experience. The Epay solution is an exciting, next-generation system designed to automate payment processing over the internet by computer, PDA or telephone input for processing transactions by any bank.  The solution was designed to address and answer the major concerns of ACH users:

  • Network access to the Clearinghouse, Banking and Federal Reserve Network
  • Processing of multiple payment types
  • Account authentication and/or verification issues
  • The capture of order information
  • Payment authorization
  • Order confirmation/reconciliation
  • Clearing and settlement
  • Reporting and accounting

The software runs on either the powerful IBM eServers computer family using either the Windows or Linux Operating system. An embedded SQL-Server/Oracle/Sybase database may be used on either of the hardware platforms.