Code of Conduct

RK Software Code of Conduct comply with CSR policies

Requirement 1:

Management System

RK Software’s code of conduct is an integral part of the website and being update as required by CSR regulation.

All RK Software’s employees or subcontractor will need to agree to the statement of conduct prior to the start of their engagement with RKSI. If any update is being done it is the responsibilities of RK Software to update this document as well. All signed documents will be kept in two places:

  • Employee’s folder.
  • A separate and centralized code of conduct folder.


RK Software is a minority owned company and as such, feels that it is their obligation to hire employees regardless of their gender, race, color of skin, religion, or their sexual orientation. RK Software Inc. makes sure that to be an equal employer for all employees qualified to do the job they are hired to do.

Once we hire someone we request some forms of ID to make sure:

  • Employee is qualified to work in the US
  • Employee is in the minimum age to be employed by law.

A thorough background check is conducted before an employee starts in RK Software Inc.

Wage:  Will be paid in accordance to negotiation prior to hire. Wage will be paid bi weekly, in a direct payment method.

No employee will be paid less than the minimum wage by law of the state they will be working at. Over time will be paid at the rate of one and half time from the base hourly rate.

Working hours are 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM (Eastern) with one hour lunch, and two fifteen minutes break.

No employee will be forced to work over time unless agreed by employee. All employees will be given at least one day a month off.


Employees will be respectful to each other, and will treat other employees needs with tolerance and respect.

No smoking in the office area.

Health and Safety

RK Software Inc. makes sure to protect its employees in all aspect.

Medical Emergency kit is available to all employees at all time.

No exposed running wire.

Offices including toilets are cleaned twice a week.

Kitchen facility will be provided including: Refrigerator, Toaster, and Coffee Machine.

Hot and cold water will be provided.

All basic needs including:  Paper towels, toilet paper or anything that is necessary will be provided at all time.

Record Keeping:  Most records are scanned or saved and being archived with a company specializing in archiving. Any records that are not on the computer are filed and saved in special archive box and are organized by subject and date for easy access. We have a room specific for archive purposes.

 Communication: Management meeting are held on a weekly basis. Staff meetings are being held on a monthly basis where the management updated everyone on the progress and other important issues. Since it is a small company these meetings are open for discussion. Once the meetings are over an email with the minutes are sent to all the employees.

Freedom of Association:  Staff is free to organize any association of their choice.


Requirement 2: Environment

RK Software has programs that intersect with the environment in support of its policy commitment to environmental leadership. In following the policy we make sure:

  • Fire Extinguisher being tested twice a year by an outside company and a report is being given to us is there are any irregularity. The company will correct any problems arise to comply with the low.
  • Asbestos specialist will come one every two years to make sure office are clean of   asbestos. We receive a certify report with result. Any irregularity will be corrected and comply by low by certifying company.
  • Separate waste containers are given to separate glass, paper or regular waste. Containers are in different color to make it easy to separate the garbage as required by city low. Garbage will be placed in a centralized area for the building at the end of the day. Garbage is picked up by a company hired by the building owner.

Legal, Regulatory, and Contractual Obligations.

Requirement 3: Greenhouse Gas Emissions

RK Software Inc. has strict waste management policy, separating bottles, paper and regular waste. Separate waste containers are provided to separate glass, paper or regular waste. Containers are in different colors to make it easy to separate the garbage as required by city law. Garbage will be placed in a centralized area for the building on two days of the week. Garbage gets picked up by a company hired by the building owner.

Heating and cooling are to be used only during working hours. The temperature is maintained and monitored by a thermostat which is programmed to operate during the working hours and automatically shuts down after working hours are over. It also controls the temperature centrally.

RK Software Inc. uses hosting companies like NTT & Soft layer for hosting its customers servers and only hosts the testing servers in its facilities in a separate room that is being kept in a cooler temperature. The door to the sever room is to be kept closed at all times to maintain the temperature, security.

RK Software Inc uses eFax for facsimile transmission. The printing option is used only when it is absolutely necessary.


Requirement 4: Lease location data unavailable.

Requirement 5:

5A:  Lease location data unavailable.

5B:   If we were to receive any regulatory fines or penalties then we would publically disclose them.

Requirement 6:  Training

RK Software requires that its employees and contractors performing work receive environmental training that commensurate with their responsibilities and includes company’s environmental policy and commitment.  This training is done to all new employees and annually thereafter.

Health & Safety training are given once a year by an independent consultant specializing in the subject.

Requirement 7:  Self Assessments    

As a small company, management (including: President, COO, CTO, HR Manager) communicate with each other on a weekly basis to review the company progress and conduct in general and reviews the progress of reduction initiatives against the EMS goals and ensures that the company is compliant with all Social Responsibility. Any need for changes will take place immediately and employees will be informed accordingly

Requirement 8: Cascade Requirement

Company has notified all subcontractors who perform work or provide goods for IBM of all requirements on May 1, 2013. RK notified the suppliers via language added to all purchase orders listing all 8 requirements.

  • Requirement 1a: Not all elements of the EICC are mentioned on their website where your code of conduct is located.  Record Keeping, Communication, Freedom of Association, etc.
  • Requirement 2: It is not clear how you know that you are meeting all legal, regulatory, and contractual obligations.
  • Requirement 3a-c: If in fact you do lease your office space but your electricity bill information is made available to you by your landlord, then you must complete these requirements. If this information is not made available by your landlord, then please state “lease location data unavailable.”
  • Requirement 4-5a: N/A is not an acceptable response for this requirement. As mentioned above, if your landlord does not make this information readily available, then you can state “lease location data unavailable.” If so, then you must complete these requirements in order to become compliant.
  • Requirement 5b: If the previous requirements were unable to be met because of lack of information, then you should simply state something like “if we were to receive any regulatory fines or penalties then we would publically disclose them” somewhere on your website.
  • Requirement 6: Needs to include employee training at least on Health & Safety that is not mentioned.

Regulatory fines or penalties

We do not have any regulatory fines / penalties imposed on us at the present moment. This portion will be updated in case there are any changes to this.