Custom Content Development

Custom Content Development

Design and development of Custom Courseware forms the very basic of our services. The process involves the creation of dynamic knowledge with media rich content that can be distributed across various mediums. Our interactive learning packages are designed to enhance user understanding through simple text and media illustrations, well-designed animations, simulations, and optimal use of audio and video.
Our team comprises of Subject Matter Experts (SME) and Content Developers, Graphics Designers and AV Production specialists. Quality Assurance through adherence to the standard Project Management is an integral part of the entire process. We employ proven instructional design methodologies, harness our graphical design and creative capabilities, and follow a well-defined development process to produce quality work. Our services are thus is a combination of technology, learning, and entertainment that make learning immensely enjoyable and easy.

RKSI continuously improves with the advent of technology and processes to develop top notch industry standard client content. Developing original content and lending it the special character of the content owner is RKSI speciality. Our team of experts gives your content the desired character, flavour and flow that identifies with the core values and proposition of your content and your style.

RKSI team of professionals can provide top quality LMS Solution which can be catered to highly engaging e-Learning courses. RKSI with its team of Instructional Designers, Graphic Designers and Subject Matter Experts can help you achieve your e-learning goals. Our team has wide expertise in tools like Authorware, Flash, Director,Adobe Designer Tools, Anipro, XML etc.

Main Features of RKSI Content Development

  • Section 508 compliant
  • Build smart courses by embedding learner logic within content
  • Sustain learner interest and maximize retention
  • Enhance content with the use of:
    1. 2D and 3D Animations
    2. Simulations
    3. Action scripting
    4. Interactive assessments
  • Leveraging your existing legacy content in the form of Word Docs, PDF, PowerPoint etc. by combining sound ID principles, interactivity and design to create engaging e-learning courses
  • Use of streaming media technologies like Windows Media Player, DX player, QuickTime etc
  • Use of XML to separate the content and presentation layer to make your content independent of delivery platform or technological changes